Application 4: Online Learning in K-12 Schools Podcast

Friday, October 8, 2010

Application 5 - Evaluating My GAME Plan Progress

The final step in the GAME Plan mentioned in the learning resources is to evaluate your progress in reaching your goal. A self-directed learner should be able to assess whether or not they achieved what they set out to do. He or she should determine what steps to take, if necessary, to change course in the journey toward the ultimate goal.

When evaluating my GAME plan I believe that the actions I have taken are helping me meet my goals in integrating technology. Having the ability to monitor my progress has made it easier to change direction before I go too far along in my plan. That way I do not waste any time or resources going in the wrong direction.

I have learned several ideas for reaching all learners and giving them the opportunity to express their learning. Technology gives students many different avenues for gathering, analyzing, and presenting information.

Although I am closer to my goal, there are still things I need improve on. I am still not completely comfortable with some of the digital tools and resources mentioned in the learning resources. With time and practice this issue should be resolved. Because my class this year is not very diverse academically, I will not be able to assess my effectiveness at reaching all of the different types of learning.


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  1. Jody,

    I think that each time I integrate new technology in my classes I am never totally comfortable but I am always gaining more confidence with experience. If I look back at some of the tech I incorporated into my classes, such as wikis and podcasting, the first year I was open to not being perfect. This year when I used wikis and podcasting it was so much easier and I new what to expect from the software and the students.

    Live and learn.

    Good luck,

  2. Jody,

    One thing that is important when incorporating technology into the classroom is to find the tools that you are comfortable using and the only way to get comfortable is to practice. Before I introduce any new tool to my classes I am sure that I know what to do. I have seen teachers introduce wikis for one lesson and then never use it again. This never gives students a chance to become comfortable with this form of collaborating. When I suggested a class wiki at the beginning of the year my students moaned and said “NO”. By evaluating and adjusting your GAME plan, you are going in the right direction.