Application 4: Online Learning in K-12 Schools Podcast

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Revising My GAME Plan

Throughout this course I have learned many new technology tools and resources for implementing in my classroom. This week presented many ideas for using social networking and online collaboration to engage students and allow them to express their creativity and learning. Websites such as Facebook and MySpace, and tools such as bolgs and wikis help students and teachers "interact with their peers around the world", "give and receive ongoing feedback", and "easily manage work" created by groups of people (Laureate 2009).

In following through with my GAME plan I feel that I am still working toward certain goals. I am still working with my students to teach them some of the technology I have learned recently. I am still concentrating on being patient with my sixth graders, knowing that they all learn at different rates. I am improving my ability to differentiate instruction in a manner that accommodates these varying learning speeds and styles.

Although I am headed in the right direction toward my goals, I am not ready to set new goals for myself. It has been my experience that I should not set new goals until I have accomplished the originals ones I set out to meet. Instead of setting a new goal I will try to extend what I have learned thus far. I will continue to seek out better and more efficient ways to apply the concepts I have learned so that the implementation of it in the classroom becomes second nature.


Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2009). Program 10. Spotlight on Technology: Social Networking and Online Collaboration Part 1. [Educational video]. Baltimore: Author.


  1. Jody,

    As you accommodate your students’ individual needs, what methods of differentiating instruction seem to be working best? I usually find that my high school students thrive when paired with peers with whom they can share knowledge of technologies. This usually requires little more than a quick, informal survey about their prior knowledge and experience, based on which I can match them with partners or, as often as not, they can team up on their own. When I am the only one who understands some application, a bit of modeling with the LCD projector, guided practice, and independent practice seems to go a long way. A great deal of patience is still required, of course, but I am learning to respect the positive power of peer collaboration.

    I do admire your ability to follow through. My computer desktop is a metaphor for my approach to life. I must have fifteen different folders and windows open with tasks I am working on for Walden, my administration, my students, and various programs I’m signed up for--just as I have bookmarks in books all over my house, in my car, and in my classroom. I’m always amazed when I complete anything.


  2. Jody,

    I also foung it frustrating to work with some grades on teaching them how to use new technologies but due to the individual levels, I had to accommodate the material to them. Something I did was I first showed the class as a whole how to use the resource then I also handed out a worksheet giving them step by step instructions (both written and pictorial) of what to do on a basic level. Some of my more advanced students just played around and are progressing but other students are reluctant. With my reluctant students, I found that sitting with them in a small group and showing them what they can do really helped. It might help...

    I really like the fact that you are going to follow through on your original goals and not begin new ones until you accomplish your original ones. I so wish I could do that!!!

    Good Luck with everything,