Application 4: Online Learning in K-12 Schools Podcast

Saturday, October 30, 2010

GAME Plan Reflection

Throughout the duration of this course I have developed an implemented a GAME plan for integrating technology into my classroom. There have been setbacks and successes, but overall I am happy with the outcome. I have learned new ways to engage and reach all of the learners in my class. There are numerous types of technology that provide diverse and rich learning experiences for children. In addition, there is a wide variety of technology tools that enable students to express their learning.

There are several adjustments I will make to my teaching methods as a result of my learning. One of the revelations I had in this course was the notion that technology is merely a means to an end. Every teacher's goal is not to use technology, but to enhance the curriculum through the use of technology. With this idea in mind, my approach to integrating technology has changed. I will create my lesson plans in the usual manner; however, I will now try to identify tools and resources that will enrich the classroom experience for all students.

Another benefit of taking this course has been the knowledge I have gained which can also be used in my life outside of my profession. The GAME plan could be used in all aspects of life. Any time I need or want to set a goal for myself I will think about what that goal is, set it into action, monitor my progress, and evaluate my success. If I can use these concepts and share my knowledge with my colleagues I will like my journey these past eight weeks has been a complete success.

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